A Disney World

Growing up, I had all the Disney movies on VHS and loved to watch them. I loved the animation and the singing. The songs featured on the movies were often used in our elementary music classes. Just like today, it seemed liked Disney couldn’t put out a bad movie.

A common theme in a lot of the movies is falling in love with someone completely different and “off limits”. This is nothing new… Shakespeare started it with Romeo and Juliet and others have adapted it over time to fit the social climate. In The Little Mermaid, a mermaid fell in love with a man; in Alladin, a street rat fell for a princess. And these lovers always found a way to be together, despite the odds and who was against them.

Many problems often arise in Disney movies, and they always fix themselves beautifully by the end of the film. This is definitely not a mirror of real life, but what kid-movie shows disappointment and sad endings? Disney realized very early that it needs to keep its movies optimistic in order for youth to keep their dreams alive.

As for promotion of these movies, I believe that Disney commercializes their products perfectly. They get kids obsessed with the movies and then cross-produce it, making those kids want EVERYTHING with that specific character they love. I know first-hand that once a kid loves a movie character, they want all its products. My daughter adores Tinkerbell… we have costumes, dolls, movies, panties, pajamas, and blankets all centered around the fairy. And I know that it will only get worse!

But, I love watching Disney movies with my kids. They are beautifully animated and have catchy music that easily gets stuck in my head. And, as I mentioned earlier, it seems like Disney never misses. Their movies are always popular and fun. Even if the movies don’t teach the most realistic values, I will still enjoy watching them with my daughter because I will not rely on just the movies to instill values in her. She will get her morals from me, not a movie!


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