I’m a Potterhead

So I thought I’d contribute my bit of Harry Potter fanaticism since the series is getting so much hype lately due to The Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1 release on Nov. 19th.

Joanna Kathleen Rowling published the first in the series of seven fiction books in 1997. The final book was published in 2007. As of 2008, the series has sold more than 400 million copies and has been translated into 67 languages. That’s up there with The Bible, to me!

One of the first things I remember about an early interview with Rowling that I read is how she said that Harry Potter “walked right into her mind, fully formed.” The books contain so much detail that intertwines throughout the books. Her work reminds me of Tolkien; they both created different worlds with so many details that stay accurate throughout the series. The books get more complex and dramatic as Harry (and the readers) grow older.

Some of the themes in the Harry Potter series are death, love, and prejudice. I also recognized how strong friendships are in the books. Harry’s parents are both dead (although their ghosts make appearances throughout the books) and several of the main and supporting characters die as a result of the dark wizard Voldemort. In the end of the series, Harry finds out that a part of Voldemort’s soul was left in him when he survived Voldemort’s killing curse as a baby. In the last book, Harry realizes he must die to overcome the part of Voldemort within himself. To me, this is Rowling saying that most of our battles are within ourselves.

I started the Harry Potter series when I was in the 8th grade. I had heard a little about the acclaim the books were getting, and decided to try them out; up until then I was an avid Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine fanatic. I fell in love with the books immediately. What kid doesn’t dream of a world that magic can really happen? I remember secretly hoping that it was all true. 🙂

I ordered the last four books by mail and got to read them as soon as they came out. I have also been at the opening night of each movie as it came out. I even started a little quiz book of extra hard questions I made from the first book. Yes, I am a Potterhead.

The messages in the books didn’t jump out me immediately when I was young, but imprinted themselves subliminally on my brain. I wanted to be a good friend like Ron, brave like Harry, wise like Dumbledore. I was old enough to understand death and mourning when I read the books. As I became older I made the connection of oppression in the books and opened my mind to equality in America. I started treating all people the same, with respect and with less criticism. I tried to learn to think on my feet faster and use my instincts to tell me my next move. Harry is the most selfless character in the series; I wanted to be more like him.

My Harry Potter books are up there on my most valued possesions list with my instruments and photo albums. I try to read the series every year or two. I would love to write someday; I wrote a short story based around a character I created that attended Hogwarts alongside Harry and had his types of adventures. I would like to publish it someday! Be on the look out for it… 😉


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    Let’s just add one more voice to the hype.
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