Jag Bomb, anyone?

I attended a Megadeth concert with my friend Cher a few weeks ago. Slayer and Anthrax were also on the concert tour, which was labeled the Jagermeister tour. There were tons of security at the entrance checking our tickets and I.D. but as soon as we got to the concert floor level the main objective of the concert was clear: drinking. There were drink kiosks set up all over, specifically serving Jagermeister for the tour. I was amazed that it was like this because the concert was for all ages and there were not that many cops (that I saw) watching out for underage drinking.

We got to the 1st Mariner Arena about an hour before Anthrax took the stage. There were already a few drunk people and plenty on their way there. It wasn’t until the bands started playing that the alcohol took its effects… Mosh pits started and the crowd started being pushed around by various violent moshers.

Cher and I are pretty tame, and stayed near the back for Anthrax. I was driving home and couldn’t drink, and Cher wasn’t for it. I wanted to get in a mosh pit just for a minute, though. During Megadeth we moved to the front, ahead of the mosh pits; we were uncomfortable and pushed around, but Cher loves Megadeth so it was worth it (and I got a guitar pick for her!)


Then there was an “intermission” of sorts, where more drinking occurred. The band t-shirts were also put out at this time. This was a good strategy, because drunk people care a lot less about how much a t-shirt costs than a sober one. Cher told me she wanted to stay in the back for Slayer because of their notoriety for having the worst mosh pits. I did end up getting in one of those mosh pits, and I still have all my teeth! I fell down twice, though; but got picked up by someone right away. Someone said, “You’re a girl, so they’ll pick you up right away.” 🙂

Cher said she wanted to buy V.I.P. tickets, but they wouldn’t let her buy a single ticket (which was around $300, anyway). I’m sure that the V.I.P. lounge strongly encouraged drinking as well.

Jagermeister was the clear winner of this tour. It benefited in every way from the concert. I saw wheelbarrows full of Jag bottles being carted to and from the drinking kiosks during the intermission and after the concert. It only enhanced the violent behaviors that went on at the show. Jagermeister used the “special events” PR strategy by playing host to the audiences of some hard-core metal bands and fans. They sure sold the product like they aimed to!


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